Emergency Preparedness with Oils!

Oils for Emergency Preparedness –

Let’s talk about “preparing for disaster.”  What does that mean for you and your family?  I am the wife of a godly adventurous man and mom of 2 beautiful vibrant young girls. For us it could mean anything from job loss, local natural disaster, short or long term economic collapse, an EMP knocks out power grid, or the coming great tribulation!  In all of it I want to have preparedness peace.

When dealing with disasters the disruption in basic infrastructure is the same. This includes water supplies, electricity, natural gas, and fuels like gasoline as well as disrupting sanitation facilities and disposal of sewers and garbage all posing biohazards. This also means that access hospitals and health facilities may be down for a time.  Plus we will likely be living in much more primitive lifestyle situations resulting in increased physical stress, illness and injury.

I am a physician assistant and practiced emergency medicine for many many years before the blessing of being able to stay home with my girls full time.  Today, essential oils are the primary way that I care for my families healthcare needs.

Having an additional supply of essential oils and knowing how to use them will be very useful to you and your family in purifying your air, cleansing your body as well as helping with emotional and physical needs.  What if you cant get to MD or hospital due to wide spread closure or power outage, or your stuck in house due to ice storm or hurricane, or even complete collapse of our societies infrastructures?  Essential oils basically have no expiration date.  So unlike your meds and short term storage foods you can rotate them every 5-10 years rather than every Christmas.  I have Preparedness Peace knowing that I have some basic essential oils in my home emergency kit and grab and go bags, and that I know how to use them.

The following list is a great start for any preparedness kit.  I suggest that you start with at least one bottle of each oil for a short term situation and increase your supply to 3 bottles per each member of your family to prepare for a longer term situation (as well as to be a greater blessing to others and be a healer in your community).

Lavender – 

Widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities. Help the kids sleep and everyone handle stress a bit better. This is my go to for cuts, burns, bee stings, insect bites, rashes.  Combine with peppermint and lemon for seasonal allergy relief.

Lemon – 

Add to baking soda and vinegar for an all purpose cleaner.  Helps promote healthy bowel function and elimination.  Naturally detoxing and powerful antioxidant.  Aroma elevates mood.  Lemon oil is the ultimate “goop be gone” it gets anything off of anything (gum, sharpie, paint etc).  I love to add a few drops lemon to warm water and honey to soothe the throat, boost immune system, and detox liver.

Lemongrass – 

Supports healthy digestion, soothes aching muscles and joints, soothes sore and cramping muscles.  I don’t know about all of you but I know that I need to get outdoors with my pack on a little more often for some conditioning BEFORE the crisis hits.  But still, oils like lemongrass are vital to help recover from those minor injuries, especially ligament strains and sprains.

Peppermint –

This is one of the most versatile oils.  It promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing, alleviates occasional stomach upset and nausea, quickly relieves head ad neck tension and other discomforts (like bumps and bruises), and really helps increase energy.  Perhaps my favorite preparedness use, it helps cool the body.  Make an energizing spritz with a spray bottle and water for those long hot limited AC days.  Or use it in the bath or as a gentle massage to bring down a child’s (or adult) increased body temperature.

Oregano – 

A natural way to rid the body of unwanted pathogens or bacteria it is used as a powerful cleansing and purifying agent, provides immune-enhancing benefits,  supports healthy digestion and respiratory function and wonderful as a natural pain reliever for occasional back aches and soreness.  I combine oregano, protective blend, frankincense, melaluca as my natural antimicrobial for any and all illness in my family.

Melaluca – 

Renowned for its cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin, promotes healthy immune function, protects against environmental and seasonal threats, soothes minor skin irritations, helps purify and freshen the air.  It is so important to protect our feet in times of crisis, especially if we are bugging out somewhere.  Melaluca is a powerful to rid the body of unwanted pathogens and a go to for foot stench.  I also have an “owie spray” for my kids with melaluca and lavender and fractionated (liquid) coconut oil.  Add a few drops to diluted Castile soap (like Dr Bronners available on amazon) for a shampoo alternative.

Respiratory Blend – 

Maintains clear airways and breathing!  This is a must have for every family kit.  This blend can be applied topically on the chest and feet or used aromatically.  You will immediately notice your sinuses and airways open up.

Digestive Blend – 

I think that healthy digestion in a time of crisis is critical.  This blend aids in the digestion of foods, soothes occasional stomach upset, maintains a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Protective Blend – 

A healthy immune system is the most important aspect of caring for my family in crisis.  This protective blend supports healthy immune function, protects against environmental threats, cleans surfaces, purifies the skin while promoting healthy circulation, energizing, uplifting aroma.  This is an oil I will not be without.  There are studies that indicate the chemical constants in this blend are active against certain nasty  pathogens and bacteria.  Gargle with it to soothe a sore throat.

Frankincense  – 

This is the KING of all oils.  If I could only grab one oil this would be it.  Helps build and maintain a healthy immune system, promotes cellular health, supports healthy immune system function, promotes feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and overall wellness. It helps all the other oils work better.  I LOVE to open up a bottle in a time of stress and just take a deep breath, it brings immediate sense of peace.

Massage Blend – 

Ok so maybe we won’t be at the spa getting a nice massage.  But we will need something to relax muscles and soothe joints.  This blend also promotes circulation which can be very important for many people, especially elderly.  Also helps to calm and sooth target areas and support recovery from an accident.

Purifying Blend – 

Eradicates unpleasant odors and clears the air and let’s be honest if the sewage systems are not working things are gonna start to smell fast. This blend protects against environmental threats powerfully.  I love to apply this blend to mosquito bites to soothe irritation. And it is very effective in my family for occasional ear aches (apply behind the ear and at the opening, never put oils into the ear canal).

Clove – 

Powerful antioxidant properties and again, keeping my families immune system strong is key for me.  Clove also promotes circulation and cardiovascular health.  A wonderful use is to helps soothe teeth and gums for the entire family.  I apply diluted clove and lavender to help my little one with teething pain.

Soothing Blend – 

We do not want to be down out out with an injury during crisis.  This blend comforts tired and sore joints and muscles and provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas.  Provides temporary comfort to tired and sore muscles and joints and supports circulation to muscles and joints.

Insect Repellant Blend  –

Acts as an effective, natural repellent, helps ward off insects (mosquitos, ticks, fleas!).  Use a few drops right out of the bottle or add to a spray bottle with water (and a pinch of salt to help suspend the oil in water).  We use this blend daily.  I live in Texas y’all! Enough said 🙂

Ok friends there you have it!  That is what is in our basic emergency kit.

Are you ready to get your own Emergency Preparedness Oils Kit?  We have put all of the above oils together for you PLUS a bonus diffuser, fractionated coconut oil and wooden storage box!   As friends of Preparedness Peace your price is $450 for everything  (Retail price $600).  

Do you want a great Grab & Go Oils Kit also?  Get 10 of the most popular oils in 5ml travel bottles for only $125 this kit includes Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Soothing Blend, Respiratory Blend, Digestive Blend, and Protective Blend.  Or buy a 7 pack for $750 and give to family members or be a blessing to your community in crisis.  

To order or learn more email kelly.365oils@gmail.com or 214/392-6518.  I would love to support you in both purchasing your oils as well as learning to use them! 

*** In order to serve the most people with this article we have kept in non-branded.  However PLEASE note that these recommendations ONLY apply to certified pure or therapeutic grade oils from a professional company (and most grocery store brands are not of high quality).  Please only ingest oils that are specifically labeled on the bottle  “safe for internal use.”   If you would like to learn more about the brand that we trust and use in our family or to order your own Emergency Preparedness oils please contact me at kelly.365oils@gmail.com subject line “emergency preparedness oils kit” or 214/392-6518.

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Do not miss the Healthy Oils Summit

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On the journey,

Andrew & Kelly Couch

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When my 2 year old gets a fever…

Nobody is happy in the Couch home today. It looks like Mykah has the winter time yuk. And Zoe has a sad cough and runny nose following in her sisters footsteps.

As most of you know we use and love  essential oils. For the most part I feel like they do a wonderful job to keep my family healthy. But it’s not to say that we never get under the weather. Like today. But I’m so thankful that when we do get down we can also use  essential oils to help support and strengthen the body, keep the issue short-lived, and not have to turn to more synthetic options for immune support.

Here is what I do for fever. Peppermint oil!  For all methods described below, dilute in about 1 TBS of carrier oil and test first on yourself and then on a small area on the child like the heel of the foot to evaluate any skin sensitivity. Peppermint can have a tingling or burning sensation at full strength or on sensitive skin.

1. Put a drop of a certified pure or therapeutic grade peppermint in your hand with some fractionated coconut or other carrier oil and massage to chest and back.

2. Put one drop of each peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender into a small glass bowl with warm water and a washcloth. Sponge child down in tepid bath for 15 to 20 minutes or as tolerated. Can also place the washcloth under the child shirt when they fall asleep on your lap. Make sure you have the remote control handy you may be there a while. May as well take the opportunity to watch some of a good movie, a rare occurrence in the life of a mom! We watched The Giver the other night, a good choice.

3. Make a 10 ml roller bottle with 1-5  (depending on age of child and skin sensitivity) drops of peppermint you could add lavender if desired for calming and fill with fractionated coconut oil. Simply roll onto the chest and back.

For all of these options the key is frequency. With essential oils you don’t necessarily need to use a larger quantity. You just want to use more frequently. Apply by the chosen method every 15 minutes or so until the fever is down. Then use every 1 to 2 hours to keep the fever down and keep the child more comfortable.

Often people ask at what point should they be concerned or call the pediatrician. I’m going to have to leave that mostly to your mommy intuition. Always pray and be led by the Lord. My personal opinion is this. Fever is just the body’s way of fighting off some kind of infection or dealing with some kind of stress. I don’t typically even worry about a fever until it gets over 102 or the child appears to be uncomfortable. Between about 102 and 104 I will use peppermint!!!! Over 104 and/or not coming down w/ above methods, or if your child seems very ill and always if you have any mommy (or daddy) concerns give your pedi a call. ***Any temp above 100.4 in a baby under 31 days needs to be seen by your pediatrician!

Mykah has only had one episode of a high fever and her entire life. Last year she had a temperature of a little over 104. After 20 minutes of the peppermint sponge bath and some of the other methods listed above her temperature was down to 101.6. As mentioned above I kept applying the peppermint oil frequently over the next 24 hours. Her fever did not return.

Did you know that acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, has been shown to potentially increase the risk of asthma in children.

I am really glad that God has put the power and purity of the essential oils into his creation.

*** Please follow this methods only with Certified Pure or Therapeutic Grade Oils (and NOT your HEB or Health Food store variety).

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Where have I been?

Wow it’s been a long time since I blogged! Sorry about that 🙂

Mykah is now 2 1/2 and Zoe is 6 months! Life is busy in the Couch home here in Katy, Texas!

As I sit here with my iPhone in one hand blogging and Zoe nursing in my lap I guess I will warn you that the coming posts will be no nonsense, no frills, and usually no time for pictures type stuff!!! And forgive typos since I’m usually using voice to text 🙂

I am not a big famous blogger. I’m not sure the world needs another wellness mama or kitchen stewardship. Those ladies are doing a phenomenal job. In fact I often will just link to their posts. But I am blessed to have a community of friends and family that trust me and come to me with health and wellness questions. So I want to do my best to serve you, while being a good steward of my time and caring for my husband and children! Enter the world of blogging!!! :).

So I’m going to begin a series of posts as we enter the winter cold and flu season. These are the simple things that I do in the Couch home to keep my family healthy. And the things that I do when illness creeps in!

Stay tuned….

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Paleo Shrimp Curry

Ok took this dish to the church potluck today and got so many requests for the recipe I figured it must be blog worthy!  The basic recipe came from Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook.  Wives – if you are just getting started with Paleo and you want to win over your hubby TRUST ME – start with this cookbook!  The author’s almost titled it Red Neck Paleo!  Seriously.  Plus there are several 1 dish meals that are simple and use normal ingredients.  If you have even looked through some of the other Paleo cookbooks, you know what I mean here.  Who has grass-fed Bison just lying around the kitchen?


3 TBS curry (I used Thai Kitchen – Red)

1 can coconut milk – do not shake it up.

2-3 garlic cloves – minced

1 large onion – chopped

1 green pepper – chopped

1 red pepper – chopped

1 pound okra – cut in three sections

2-3 Kaffir lime leaves (Asian market or use lime juice)

1/2 cup Thai Basil leaves

2-3 cups chicken broth

1 pounds wild caught shrimp – sautéed in coconut oil until pink.

4-5 pieces cooked crumbled bacon

Chopped green onion/chives.

Ok, are you ready!!!!

Soften onions in coconut oil in large skillet, Dutch Oven, or stainless steel soup pot.

Add curry paste and garlic and brown a little until it starts to smell yummy.

Add 1/2 can of coconut milk – just the thick cream at the top and stir until no lumps (well, except the onions).

Add the rest of the milk and stir.

Add peppers, okra, Kaffir leaves (or lime juice – about a TBS of to taste).  Simmer medium heat 10 min.

Add shrimp.  Simmer 20 min until okra is tender.

Topp with green onions/chives and cooked crumbled bacon!  Garnish with Thai Basil leaves.

Serve over Cauliflower Rice (just shred cauliflower with grater on food processor and sauté in coconut oil till slightly soft).

*** Substitute shrimp with chicken, sausage, even fish – heck how about all four – yum.  You can use different curry flavors too.


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DIY ALL Natural Coconut Milk – and a GREAT BULK ORDER PRICE for Coconut.

Mykah is 15 months old and although we are still nursing a few times a day we have now transitioned her from the goat’s milk formula to home-made Coconut Milk.  It is SUPER easy to make.   SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR A GROUP BUY OFFER FROM MAMAS GONE CRUNCHY!!!

The basic ratio is 2:1 water to shredded coconut.

I fill my Vitamix with 6 cups of water (I use the measuring lines on the Vitamix itself)  Sometimes I will pour a tea pot full of the water out to heat on the stove and then add back to the vitamix (this speeds up the soaking process a bit).

Add 3 cups shredded coconut flakes to the Vitamix (or blender) and let it sit for 1-2 hours. (DO NOT forget about it and leave it sitting on the counter all night – the milk will be super sour when you make it in the morning and you will have to toss the whole batch!!!)

Next blend on high for about 3 minutes.  The milk will be warm to touch so let it cool for a few minutes.

Pour about half the milk into a nut bag over a bowl and use your fingers to press the bag as the milk flows into the bowl.  You will have to press for a few minutes to get all the milk out.  You should be left with nothing but coconut flour like solid in the bag.  You can toss this, or dehydrate it for coconut flour!  Repeat with the remainder of the milk.

Next I place a wide mouth metal funnel over a mason jar with a double layer of cheese cloth and pour the milk into the jar!

That’s it.  You can add vanilla or stevia.  But we like it naked.  The cream will separate and solidify on the fridge, just shake well.  If you are using a baby bottle leave the milk on the counter in the bottle during bath and story time so that the cream will soften and not clog the nipple opening – it will be ready to drink by bedtime.

Most of the Coconut Milk in the carton is loaded with preservatives, carrageenan, and sugars.  I know, the carton is cheaper!!!  Or is it?????????

Special group buy offer Organic Shredded Coconut $11.94 per 5 pound bag.  That’s about 15 cents per ounce – half the cost compared to Bob’s Red Mill at 31 cents per ounce on Amazon Prime!   That’s about $3.60 per batch with the above recipe!


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