The “Ghetto”, oh I mean, “Eclectic” Organic Garden!

Andrew & I planted a garden.  And, we have decided it is not only the best thing you could do for your health (and possibly your finances), but it is great marriage training/counseling! haha

For now we hope to inspire you to create your own little Garden of Eden!  We are just getting started.  We knew NOTHING when we started, and I feel like we still know very little… but our plants are growing (Praise God)!!!  So trust me, you can do this too!

Here are the basics.  Drew had an old bathtub from a remodel job that we thought would be really cute to plant in.  I got online and started to research and plan (cause that is what I do) while my husband comes home and says, “hey let’s just go to Wabash tonight and get some plants babe” (cause that is what he does).  Haha, if you know us at all you should be laughing right now.  A few hours (and a few fights) later we came home with 6 zucchini, 6 squash, 6 cucumbers, 2 arugula, 3 kinds of cherry tomatoes, basil, and mint.  All for a 2 x 4 foot bathtub!  Later we did figure out that squash and zucchini are planted 1 plant per 3 x 3 foot square! So we could plant 2 in our little bathtub, barely!  What the heck were we gonna do with the other 10?***TIP if you are container gardening in a small space, don’t buy 12 squash-zucchini, lol!

This little project has allowed me to see a bit more of the creative genius that I married.  This is an old truck camper that has sat in our back yard for months!  I have begged Drew to get rid of it!  As we stood staring at all our plants and our little bathtub and wondering what we were gonna do, Drew walked over and started drilling holes in this old camper.  He put some wood planks in the bottom to help the soil drain and take up some space… and 30 minutes later we had a big 6 x 3 foot raised bed!  Drew grabbed a few 5 gallon buckets and a few more random containers he found around the house.  He picked up some lattice and a bunch of plastic pots on the side of the road on our way home from Wabash as well.  So we started planting!

We put the cucumbers and 1 squash and 1 zucchini in the bathtub.  Two arugula in the random planter to the left, we planted a cherry tomato in our “topsy turvey” and two more cherry tomatoes in the buckets to the right.  We put basil in the big pot in the middle!

Later we put 1 squash and 1 zucchini in the camper.  Then Drew realized that we had a free 1 x 6 foot row along the back of the camper!!!  Yep, you guessed it, we were back at Wabash a few days later for MORE plants!  We came home with a seed pack of beans, a yellow hot pepper, a purple bell pepper and a red bell pepper, cilantro, thyme, rosemary and garlic!  Yep garlic, did you know you just break apart the bulb and stick the individual cloves in the soil???  So fun!  Planting everything was really easy.  We asked a lot of questions at Wabash, got some good organic raised bed soil, added fertilizer, put out a soaker hose, about a week later applied some Maxicrop Liquid Fish!  Today everything is EXPLODING!!!

The total cost for our garden =  $300.  We bought pretty expensive soil, since then we found a cheaper supplier but honestly the plants in the expensive soil are doing much better, so we are going to keep comparing the plant growth and see what happens.

Okay, that is it for now!  More to come as our plants grow, as well as our marriage! If you already have a garden, leave a comment and give us some tips!  If you want to plant a garden post your questions and we will share what we know!  If you want to visit the Couch’s Eclectic Garden of Eden, come on over, I will have a cup of tea waiting for you 🙂

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Soil to Sustenance  – another great garden blog.

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6 Responses to The “Ghetto”, oh I mean, “Eclectic” Organic Garden!

  1. Gena says:

    Yummy! Can’t wait to steal some of those veggies!!! I would love a garden, but my little Krissy monster would tear it to shreds!

  2. Angela Stalder says:

    ok. you can’t put different tomatoes to close to together. I mean like cherrie, grape, etc. with large ones like better boy, beef master, ect. they will cross pollinate with each other and not produce as well.
    Get Mini Farming by Brett L Markham
    It is really good! They tell you how you can plant closer. The suggested spacing is for farmers that plant in rows.
    Read it!

    • kellycouch says:

      We have a yellow pear tomato in one of the buckets and a red cherry tomato in the one next to it. Is that ok? And the spacing we looked up was the “square foot method for container gardening” but I will check out the book you like, we for sure don’t have a lot of space. Does it tell me how to prune and how to harvest the different plants?

  3. jen reyneri says:

    to keep your cilantro plant growing, you need a CULANTRO plant. We tried cilantro for years before we figured that out about a year ago and now it’s EVERYWHERE!

    • kellycouch says:

      ummmm, what the heck is a CULANTRO plant?
      And what are “suckers” on our tomato plant, someone said we need to pull off the “suckers?”
      Our pickling cucumbers are going crazy, they are taking over the garden. I think we planted too many too close together but we are gonna roll with it and see what happens.
      What do you use for pest control girl? I was told to steep some rhubarb leaves and spray that on?

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