Eating well, Playing well, Loving Well, Living Well

In just the last week several friends and family members have come to me asking for support to live a healthier life!

It seems like an overwhelming task for me to try and write a series of blogs discussing the many aspects of healthy living. And, I know for many of you it seems like an overwhelming task to adjust your lifestyle to eat and live healthier. But I love this stuff, I love to research the web and read new books on the latest and greatest health information and recipes. And, I recognize that 1) there is a lot of garbage on the web as well and 2) most of you don’t have time, and just don’t want to read as much as I read about health! You just wanna call me! lol. So I believe that my passion and knowledge of health and wellness is a gift from the Lord and that it is meant to be shared. So I will do my best to serve you guys in this journey! This blog is the first step.

So this is the first of a series of posts about “Living Well”. We will start with the basics of nutrition, healthy eating, and exercise. We need to talk about how to move from a diet mentality to a lifestyle of living well! I will share tips and tools about how to incorporate small changes for big results. I may even try and organize a “30 days to living well” type step by step guide. And, for you dive in head first adventure types, stay tuned for a series of posts called “living radically well”! We can also talk about specific issues like weight loss, adrenal fatigue, auto-immune disease, depression, and digestive concerns.

Topic Outline (for all you list types, I know you’re out there):

  • What is a healthy diet? Let’s make it simple and clear up some myths.
  • The truth about carbs, the glycemic index, and blood sugar control.
  • What about gluten, food sensitivities, leaky gut syndrome, poor digestion?
  • Popular diets: Primal Blueprint, PaleoDiet, Paleolithic Eating, The Zone, Gluten-free, No Grain Diet
  • How to work in working out, how to play more, learn about cross-fit.
  • Toxic foods to avoid, super foods to eat more of.
  • What about organic?
  • What about supplements?
  • How to detox and live a detox lifestyle.

I hope to enlist the help of a few trusted colleagues (hint hint gentlemen, I know, I am so darn subtle). Dr. Arland Hill – my personal health care provider. Dr. Hill has been supporting me for over 2 years to heal from adrenal fatigue. This guy is way smarter than me! Read his latest blog “Repetitive Food Exposure and Chronic Disease.” And, Dr. Doug Smith – long time friend and total nutrition and fitness fanatic. Dr. Doug is also a brand new daddy, so we will see how much time he has to contribute, but he could have some great tips for all you busy parents! And finally, I can’t do it without my favorite man in the whole wide world, my husband Andrew. Drew has jumped into the journey to live well head first, that is just how he does things! In fact, he does the PaleoDetox (more about the detox in later posts so stay tuned) more radically than I do, and calls me out when I cheat! So guys, join the discussion, this is not just a chick thing!!! Really, we need for everyone to please join in the discussion. Please post your questions, share your discoveries, encourage one another. Please follow along by subscribing to this blog (just enter your email address in the box on the right hand column of this page). Since most of my readers are close friends, and most of you know each other, my desire is that this would be a place that we could meet and journey together towards eating well, playing well, and loving well to live well!

Will you join me on the journey? Let’s get started…

  • What is your greatest challenge when it comes to living well?
  • What would you most like to learn about from this series of blogs?

<<Part two, The Glycemic Index and why you should care about it?>>

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2 Responses to Eating well, Playing well, Loving Well, Living Well

  1. Dr. Hill says:


    You are providing great information. I look forward to continuing to share information with you and those you support.

  2. Annaleis says:

    greatest challenges? dessert and just not being educated!

    what would i like to learn? not only what constitutes healthy but to be given examples of types of food that are and WHY. then like you have been doing, combine it into a few recipes so i can get the full picture. this helps me (personally) get started. then i can morph it into new things. right now i think it’s great and I’m pumped about learning more and being healthy!

    so glad God not only gave you this talent but the energy, enthusiasm, and love to share it will all of us! so blessed to have you as part of my life!

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