Break up with your food!

Let’s breakup with our food and just be friends and look for happiness somewhere eternal…

This quote by my friend Lindsay was too good to pass up.  Lindsay just started the PaleoDetox and is blogging her detox journey along the way.  One of the reasons that I LOVE to coach women about nutrition and weight loss is that it ends up being a window into their souls.  The truth is that it is rarely about food, and yet it seems to always be about food. 

I typically have a square of dark chocolate once a day (ok sometimes twice a day).  Last month during my PaleoDetox I noticed that I would get almost angry that I could not have my chocolate.  Or at the end of a “hard day” I would actually think, oh if only I could have a piece of chocolate I would feel so much better!  A few days into the detox I was able to laugh at myself and my “addiction” to chocolate.  I call it an addiction because I was using it (even one small square a day) to fill a need that I believe can’t be filled by any food, or activity, or person… but only by God.

Who can relate?  Who is willing to get vulnerable and share your struggles here to encourage others that they are not alone.  Who will share their victories to give others hope?

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2 Responses to Break up with your food!

  1. kellycouch says:

    Although I directed this post to women, I recognize that men struggle with food addictions as well. So sorry guys, did not mean to leave you out! If there are any brave men out there willing to share, we would love to hear from you!

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