Eclectic Garden update: fungus, squirrels, drought or flood!

We planted the “Eclectic Urban Garden of Eden” about 6 weeks ago.  We love it.  Just about every morning I get up and make a cup of tea and go sit outside with my Bible, and my plants 🙂  For the most part everything is exploding and it is so fun to watch.  The cucumbers have now taken over the bathtub.  We totally underestimated how big they get!

Our tomato plants are starting to produce fruit and we are so excited.  And apparently so are the squirrels.  We are told that the squirrels will only eat the fruit because they are thirsty and looking for water.  So I guess we are going to put a water dish out for the little critters.  And if that does not work we will try spraying the fruit with cayenne pepper.

We noticed some white spots on our zucchini leaves and found out that it is “powdery mildew” so we are going to try a baking soda and water spray to treat and prevent that issue.Other plants have this white outline along the vein of the leaves.  Our friends at Wabash said it is a sign of nutrient deficiency and we need to top dress our soil with fertilizer every two weeks as well as keep applying “Fish.”

We still can’t determine if we are watering too much or too little.  We have some yellow leaves and thought that meant too much water so we held back a bit.  But then everything kind of wilted and dried out the next day.  And this poor little squash is not doing well at all.  If there are any master gardeners reading please help us and leave your suggestions by clicking on “leave a comment” at the bottom of this post.  Or better yet, come on over and take a look… we will have a cup of tea waiting for ya!

Drew and I will be taking a little vacation to backpack Colorado for our anniversary soon, yep it has already been a year!  I am a little sad to leave our plants that long, and missing the first harvest.  If there are any green thumbs out there that wanna baby-sit the garden, let us know!  And if you have planted a garden of your own, leave a comment and feel free to post a link to your blog for others to take a look and learn from!!!

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