“But people have eaten grains for centuries…”


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Here is a great post from MarksDailyApple… In today’s post, I’m going to explore the primary reason for why so many traditional cultures who ate grains managed to stay thin and relatively free of degenerative diseases: traditional grain preparation, including soaking, sprouting, and fermentation. If you’re familiar with the Weston A. Price Foundation‘s stance on grains, you’re probably aware of these preparation methods. Each step alters the nutritional experience of the grain to varying degrees, making it more digestible, less toxic, and tastier. I for one am not willing to go through hoops to make grass babies go down easier, but the process is nonetheless extremely interesting. And in the future, if any of my readers want to give grains a shot, at least they’ll do it right, or as right as it can get. As I always say, the only reason to make grains any part of your diet is as a cheap source of calories that converts to glucose very quickly. (read more)

Here is a link to another great post from Mark: The Definitive Guide to Grains

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1 Response to “But people have eaten grains for centuries…”

  1. youngcaveman says:

    I read that post on Mark’s as well so I finally can answer back when someone says “But they eat grains and aren’t fat!!” Thanks for letting others know about this!

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