Sweet Potato, Banana, Apple Smoothie… just try it!!!

Just try it!!!

I LOVE Smoothies, but I have to admit.  I get a bit lazy from time to time and get into the rather boring strawberry-banana routine.  Let’s mix it up a bit people.  We should rotate our foods weekly to get a better variety and help prevent food allergies and sensitivities. Eat a particular food no more than twice per week (every 3-4 days).  So if you have a strawberry smoothie on Monday, don’t use strawberries again until Friday (giving you body three days “rest” from that food).  More on food rotation soon.  Now, onto the smoothie!!!!


  • Half a sweet potato (baked, no skin, cooled)
  • Half a banana
  • Half an apple
  • 1 tsp Vanilla (or to taste)
  • 1/2 cup “milk” (I used coconut milk, you could use almond or hemp as well)
  • handful of ice cubes
  • (optional scoop of protein powder)

Blend it all up in your Vitamix.  I know the Vitamix is pricey, but it is a great investment.  They have an amazing warranty/customer service and I use it for so many things.  It has been well worth the cost. (I have not tried this in a regular blender, let me know how it turns out!)

Enjoy… no really trust me, just try it, so YUMMY!!!

Variations – Men (or very athletic girls) could easily double the recipe for a great breakfast or post workout snack.  You could also add protein powder for a more complete meal!

Update: Today I did not have an apple, so I used a red pear and I used coconut water instead of coconut milk… still yummy!!!

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5 Responses to Sweet Potato, Banana, Apple Smoothie… just try it!!!

  1. Annaleis says:

    okay i’ll have to admit i’m weary of this…but the banana smoothie did prove itself addictive…and your cauliflower rice was pretty amazing. i’m going to try this and i’ll let you know how it goes. also, as you’ve heard me say a thousand times, i would LOVE to see your recipes!!!! looking forward to it!

  2. hollyhcs1 says:

    Hey! wanted to let u know that i tried it 😀 actually funny how God has His cool timing. I had just wondered that very morning what to do with my organic sweet potato that was starting to go bad and i had just started a liquid fast!!! oh no :O haha i think it even ran thru my mind about a smoothie and i thought ‘nah that probably wouldnt work too good’…then i get this email that very same day!!! yaaay! i was so excited to go home and try it out….mmmm mmm yummy 😛 and i can say it’s that good with a ‘regular’ blender too (my sister has a vitamix and they are great but yes pricey) so i stick to the old fashioned one for now 😉 haha Thanks for caring and sharing ❤

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