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Ok people I am going to try a little experiment.  It seems that as gluten/grain-free/Paleo eating gets more and more publicity, many of you are starting to pay attention to what you eat and how you feel.   I mean Pei-Wei even has a gluten-free menu now.   Never mind I have been preaching about this stuff for years 🙂

I started this blog to support you guys (my friends and family)!  There are so so so many good blogs out there, sometimes I think I am wasting my time re-inventing the wheel with another blog about nutrition.  BUT, what I am finding is that you guys don’t read lot’s of blogs but you will read mine (well some of you will read mine anyway :)…. thanks for being one that does by the way!!!  If you read something helpful, post a comment and give me some feedback, I’ve been kinda lonely here!

Many of you are asking me to post more recipes and meal planning tips.  I am going to try a little experiment… I am going to TWEET what I EAT!  There is a Twitter feed on the right hand side of my blog now.  You can check back often or you can click “follow” to get updates.

Here is your part… you have to give me some feedback.  If this is helpful to you, I will keep doing it.  But, if no one ever reads the Tweet’s, no biggy, but I will not keep tweeting long in that case 🙂

Let me know if I Tweet something that you really want me to post a recipe for and I will do my best!!!  I am just not a food photographer though, so many may just have to get posted without pictures for now, sorry.  Maybe I can get some photo lessons from Lindsay, L. Schott Artistry.

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