Annaleis… this one is for you sister (assuming you love mushrooms).   Tell James that I said to go brave the local market for you and snag a variety of Asian Mushrooms!!! Although, if he is at all like his brother, he won’t be thrilled about it.  Drew hates mushrooms.

I have been going to the Asian grocery store lately (yes Steve, my 1/2 Asian friend, I know you will be so proud!) Anyway, I walked by a  table FULL of different mushrooms for about $2.50 a package each and could not resisit.  YUM!  I grabbed Shiitake and Oyster.  Last night I came home and sauted a few in butter and added a hint of garlic and shallots. SO GOOD!

For lunch today I had no idea what to eat.  And there they were smiling at me… the MUSHROOMS!  I also had a bit of broccoli left (but only the stems cause I munched the yummy heads off cold yesterday).  I tossed the mushrooms in with some coconut oil this time (we are on a detox/fast and dairy is out so I tried not to use butter again today… but honestly they were good in coconut oil BUT they were better with butter.  I added a sliced garlic and a sliced shallot.  I chopped up the broccoli stems an tossed them in also. A pinch of sea salt.

Look friends… recipes are great!!! I hope you are enjoying the ones I post.  BUT, get creative.  Grab whatever is in your fridge, add some cooking oil (coconut, EVOO, Macadamia, or Avocado oil), saute or stir fry it for a few minutes, add 1 or 2 of your favorite spices, or better yet try something new (sea salt, cardamon, dill, basil, curry, thyme, cumin, cilantro, garlic, ginger) and VOILA… dinner is served!

Let us know what you come up with tonight!

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1 Response to For the LOVE of MUSHROOMS!

  1. Kelly! The shitake were amazing last night, such rich flavor. I will start more stir frying, I agree, its easy and its quick. Also, were do you find your “special” oils? I usually find olive, seasame and that’s about as exotic as it gets at HEB.

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