Winter Garden Update: squirrels, mosquitoes, and a big move!

We planted our first square foot raised bed for the winter season about two weeks ago and the much anticipated little green sprouts are shooting up everywhere!!! Yay!  Problem is that where we have the beds, which got full sun in the summer, are now in the shade :)…

So after much debate we decided to clear a new spot and move the beds.  We tried sliding think plastic under them thinking maybe we could drag them to a new spot.  Nope.  We tried plywood, nope.  Finally we decided to pick up the frame, transfer the soil from the unplanted bed and then transplant each individual little tiny new plant!!!  It actually worked, I had to re-seed a few things, but for the most part all our plants survived the traumatic move!


I love the new garden spot, it is right out my prayer room window.  And since the darn mosquitoes are so bad, that is about as close as I get to my garden of Eden these days.

Any good mosquito control tips?  I read that catnip and lavender plants help, I think I will go get some this week.  Today, I mixed 2 Tbs Olive Oil and 25 drops of peppermint essential oil and applied it to my hands and neck.  It may have helped a little.  I also lit several citronella torches.  Tip:  don’t put the torch to close to your basil plant… (not sure can see it the pic, but it is a bit crispy)

Drew build these covers using bird netting because there were all these little indentions that looked like little footprints, I thought a cat was getting into the beds at night.  Then I spotted several squirrels digging in the beds.  I spotted their little tails in the air as they dug down stealing my seeds!!!  That explains why I have radish sprouts in my spinach square!!!

They are pretty funny now, they run up to the edge of the beds trying to figure out how to get in them for a few minutes, then get bored and run off to make mischief somewhere else.

Today I planted the second bed.  In two weeks I will plant the third bed.  We are doing scattered planting this year so that when can harvest a little every few weeks!!!  I may try my luck at canning this year as well, if we have a bountiful harvest 🙂 (anyone have a canner they wanna donate?)…

That’s it for today… we are just learning, but I am here to help if you have any questions. And as always, come on over, I will have a cup of tea waiting for ya!

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