Paleo Pregnancy

Well, much of the content of this blog is likely about to change… I am pregnant!  As most of you know I have been following a Paleo style diet for a while now and yes, I plan to keep it up during pregnancy.  I am sure I will make adjustments along the way, I am already looking for a substitute for saltine crackers on the nightstand!  But, Paleo is not really a diet for me but a lifestyle, and one that I believe is the healthiest for both me and baby!  Although I don’t follow Paleo to try and eat like a cave-man, in fact I am not sure cave-man even existed.  I trust in the God of the Bible and yes, I actually do believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans… sorry Grok fans!  But, I do believe that the longer we live in post-fall “modern” world, the more our bodies are exposed to toxins, stress, poor diet and disease.

Thus, I agree with the concept of the Paleo Diet – eat what was found in nature from the beginning (even if we disagree on what the beginning was) no gluten, no grain, no corn, no dairy, no sugar, no artificial crap!  Yes, there was wheat in the bible, but in today’s “modern” world I challenge you to find any non-GMO wheat or grain that has even a tenth of the nutrition value that a traditionally prepared bible grain had. For more on this read the post “What does the bible say about grains”  Additionally, most of the population has eaten more than our share of McDonalds, Donuts, and Doritos and now, know it or not, have really poorly functioning digestive tracts = leaky gut syndrome!  Read more about leaky gut in this post.

That said…in this series of posts I will share the health and wellness journey of our pregnancy.  Eating paleo.  Dealing with Adrenal Fatigue.  Being 38 years old!!!

Here are a few great resources I have found so far…

So stay tuned… and please feel free to post comments or questions!!!

For more about the spiritual journey of pregnancy visit my personal blog @

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  1. Courtney says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! That’s exciting news!

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