Tips to Living Well, without changing your diet (?)

The other day a friend asked, “what would you suggest to someone who is just in the early stages of making healthier choices, I am not ready to make an all out diet change?”

Ok people, if you know me at all, you know this is a tough question for me to answer.  The title of the blog was really just to get your attention!  I am a little bit all or nothing, ok I can be a lot all or nothing.  I think that the best way to feel radically better is to make radical changes.  Honestly, I am not sure small baby step changes are going to make you feel much better, and if you don’t feel better along the way, you are unlikely to stick with even baby steps!

Just go for it… take 30 days and eliminate all gluten, grain, corn, dairy and sugar from your diet.  Please don’t ask me what you will eat.  There are a TON of fruits and vegetables just waiting for you to eat them!!!  You will also eat protein like chicken, fish and grass-fed beef.  And, lots of yummy fats like olives and avocado, nuts & seeds.  You can do it, and I will help you!

Ok, that said.  In addition to radical diet changes, there are a few other lifestyle changes that I think are of critical importance!

1) SLEEP – 8-9.5 hours a night, in a completely dark room.  Buy black out shades.  No night lights, no computer lights flashing.  If you get up to use the bathroom etc leave the lights off.  Exposure to light will immediately try and trick your brain and will disrupt your sleep pattern.  Arrange your schedule to be able to fall sleep by 10pm (for me that means getting in bed to read around 9:30pm).  Turn off you cell phone and minimize the EMF’s floating around your brain as you dream (or turn on airplane mode).  FYI for all you pregnant ladies you need 10-12 hours a day!!!  I am learning to LOVE naps!

2) SUNLIGHT – spend at least 20 minutes outdoors in the sunshine every day.  This will help elevate your Vitamin D levels.  The majority of Americans are significantly Vit D deficient.  I suggest a Vit D supplement for all my clients (5,000-10,000IU/day).  Get your Vit D levels checked, your lab or MD may say your Vit D should be above 30, in truth in should be above 60 at least!!!  And, I have yet to see a client above 60 without supplementation.  We spend too much time inside our cubicles, shopping malls and in front of our TV’s.    Read more…

3) Eat WILD Salmon – Wild Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.  Do not eat farm raised salmon.  Ironically farm raised salmon is actually BAD for you.  It has an unfavorable Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio as well as added toxins and chemicals due to the overpopulated farming conditions and begin fed an un-natural corn and soy diet!  Read more…

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