Pregnancy Update: 8 weeks, home birth plan, still nauseous!

Well, I don’t know if it’s a baby bump or just this 2,000cal diet my midwife has me on… but something is starting to happen in my mid-section.  It is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be for me to deal with the early changes that my body is going through. But, as I say often, I have an incredibly supportive husband who just keeps telling me I am beautiful – several times a day 🙂

We are about 8 weeks, baby is the size of a raspberry, soon to be a green olive!  His/Her ears are more prominent – we are asking the Lord to open up the child’s ears to hear and discern spiritual truth.  Baby Rasberry’s heart has begin beating – and bless this child with a heart that seeks after God.  I am reading a book called “Christ Centered Childbirth” and so far REALLY like it.  For more my spiritual journey of pregnancy visit my personal blog @

We finally got to meet and chose our midwife last night.  The process was yet another reminder to me from the Lord that he really does hold my life in the palm of his hand.  My in laws told me there was a woman at their church that was a midwife and Drew knew her and wanted me to check her out.  Then, I have several friends who have used a woman named Cathy from the Katy Birthing Center, and LOVE her.  So I was a bit torn, go with the family friend or the one my friends love.  When I visited Cathy’s site another woman stood out to me, her name was Connie.  I don’t have any particular reason why she stood out, I was simply praying over the pictures and bios of the midwives and the Lord kept highlighting Connie.  I called to make an appointment to meet both Cathy and Connie explaining that I was a bit torn because I felt the Lord highlighting one woman while the other came highly recommended.  Naomi said, “well I can help you make that decision, Cathy is booked for June babies, she can’t see you.”  Haha, Connie it is then.   When Drew came home I showed him Connie’s picture and he said, “oh yea, that is the woman I was telling you about that is a family friend, I grew up with her son!”  When we finally got to meet her last night we knew immediately that she was the one the Lord had chosen to partner with us in bringing this new life into the world!  And there is always a second midwife present at the birth, so Lord willing, Cathy will be abel to be there with us as well.

We are planning on a home birth, big blow up birthing pool and all.  The new dad will be the primary birth coach, the midwives will be there to encourage and assist the natural birth process.  Drew is excited and I totally know he is going to be amazing.  There will be no separation of mommy and baby after delivery, the baby will placed upon my chest immediately after delivery.  One mid-wife will then attend to mommy’s aftercare and the other will monitor baby, do a quick heel stick for blood etc.  Connie is also a lactation specialist, so we feel doubly blessed!  After the delivery the ladies will make an herbal bath in the tub for mommy and baby (and daddy if he wants to join) to relax in and soothe the body while things get cleaned up.  A home birth just really suits Andrew & I’s personality and needs.  We are really excited!

Finally, I am still pretty darn nauseated.  I tried some rice crackers last week, but honestly they did not help that much and I am not sure it is worth the inflammatory effects on my body and digestion.  I did find out I was not eating anywhere near enough.  Connie wants me on 2,000 calories.  That’s a lot.  That is 3 meals and 3 snacks.  Which I totally know if the healthiest way to eat, small frequent meals.  But when food makes you want to vomit, its not so easy.  I am having to toss out the weekly meal calendar and just make whatever is in the fridge and sounds appealing at the moment.  I make a Thai Coconut Chicken Soup last night… so good.  Check out the recipe on my Pinterest board.

I am trying Peppermint tea instead of Ginger, it seems to work a bit better for me.  Eating more frequently and resting more has been a big key as well.  Overall I feel lucky, my symptoms seem to be mild compared to what I have heard from other friends.  I do think that eating healthy (meaning no gluten, grains, corn, processed foods or sugars, and very limited dairy) has helped a lot.  I eat lots of protein in grass-fed meats, fish, pastured eggs and chicken.  Fresh fruits and vegetables.  Some nuts and seeds.  Lots of olive oil, avocados, coconut oil.  See my Pinterest Boards for more yummy recipes.

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2 Responses to Pregnancy Update: 8 weeks, home birth plan, still nauseous!

  1. Gena says:

    How exciting to have found Connie and to know God was right in the middle of the decision! I love you big and I am praying for all three of you daily! May your child have a heart for God, an ear for decernment,and a spirit full of JOY!

  2. Terri Ryan says:

    Like, Like and more Like everything you have shared in this post! : ) Praying for prenatal and parental development as you family grows….

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