Grass-Fed Beef “Spaghetti”

The other day I made an AMAZING Thai Coconut Soup (Gena you gotta try this, you are gonna love it)!!!  It was so so good, and exactly what I (and apparently baby) wanted.  Last night I made an Asian Chicken Salad – also wonderful.  In the past I have talked about wanting to experience Asia and perhaps adopt from Asian.  Haha, Drew started asking if God was miraculously giving us an Asian baby since all I have craved this week is Asian foods 🙂

Today, I had the left over soup and salad for lunch.  15 minutes later it ALL came right back up.  Fun times 🙂  I am not sure if something went bad in the food or just my hormones (I have not thrown up with the pregnancy until today).  Regardless, I may not be making either dish for a while.  Tonight I was going to make Thai Beef Wraps –  maybe NOT.  My Asian cravings are done for at least a few days.  Now what’s for dinner???  I saw a nice big spaghetti squash on the counter and thought – why not, let’s head to Italy tonight!  I pretty much created this recipe on the fly with what I had in my kitchen – feel free to get creative!

Grass-Fed Beef “Spaghetti” 

Ingredients: (remember these are just the things I threw in the pot, get creative)

  1. 1-2 pounds ground grass-fed beef
  2. 28 oz can Muir Glenn Crushed Tomatoes w/ Basil (or whatever brand you have)
  3. 2-3 fresh tomatoes – chopped (cause I got several from my co-op this week)
  4. 1 red onion – chopped
  5. 2 carrots shredded (I use my food processor)
  6. 3 celery shredded (again, food processor)
  7. 1/4 cup coconut milk (coconut paste would be better, I did not have any)
  8. 3-4 garlic cloves – crushed (or as many as you like)
  9. Lots of fresh basil and oregano!!!
  10. Salt to taste

I sautéed the onions and garlic in olive oil for a few minutes until soft, then set aside.  In the same pan brown the beef.  In a separate pot add all the other ingredinets (including the onions) and bring to boil.  Add the browned beef when ready, reduce heat and simmer until you are ready to eat – at least 30 minutes.  I had mine on simmer for over an hour – the longer the better.

I served this over spaghetti squash tonight, you could also do cauliflower rice, or zucchini and carrot “noodles”…

I think I may even try this in the crock pot next time!  I seem to have more energy in the mornings so crockpot cooking is ideal!  If you have any good paleo crockpot recipes – send em my way 🙂

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Grass-Fed Beef “Spaghetti”

  1. says:

    Oh no you threw up! Darn it! The soup sounds great and I will be trying it! I make spaghetti squash with grass fed buffalo meat sauce and it is yummy! I hope lunch stays down tomorrow. I will keep it in my prayers! Love ya!

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