11 week pregnancy update – more energy, the final supplement list, buying baby things!!

Andrew and I went to Babies r Us the other day.  At the advice of a friend we went to buy a few baby things to have around the house just as little reminders (as if the constant nausea was not enough 🙂 ) and to better to set our hearts on the little one that is now hidden away in the womb, but sooner than we think will be here where we can see and hold him/her in our arms.  Buying a little baby blanket was a great idea.  We even bought a baby book “On the night you were born” and Drew came home and read it to baby, so sweet!!!

Going to Babies r Us…. not so great.  Oh my gosh, I mean really, how many brands of strollers and car seats etc can there be in the world.  (more on minimalist parenting in future posts I think)  I really don’t want to spend hours and hours doing research on strollers!  Karen Couch suggests the “Bob” hands down, and going to REI instead of Babies r US, haha.  Any of my other mommy savvy sisters out there have any favorite stroller/car seats to suggest?  Jen?  Angela?  Anyone? 🙂

Here is a blog I found today by Leslie Carter that is helpful in the search for baby products, check it out!    She has great product reviews and is just one really cool chick in general!  I can’t wait to see all the adventures she takes her baby on, and who knows maybe Drew and I will run into her and her hubby in some random country one day!  Haha, I can see it now with both dads with babies in backpacks climbing some crazy mountain somewhere!  Yea!!!

I am feeling much much better at week 11 than I was a week 5-10 for sure.  I have a few friends that are just a few weeks behind me in their pregnancy so ladies I just say, hang in there!  I feel very fortunate over all.  In the first few weeks I was REALLY tired, but honestly I have run so hard most of my life, this was God’s gift to me to just slow down.  I blogged about the spiritual side of pregnancy on Warrior Princess Diaries yesterday.

Short version, this is a huge time of transition.  And there is a God-given stopping point where with the fatigue and nausea and emotions, everything else in life just has to stop from time to time.  I encourage my friends who are pregnant to embrace the first trimester!  I did not do that so well, I just wanted to get through it.  But, I think there were real treasures from God in those weeks!  DADs, encourage your wives to rest, help with the dishes, the laundry, the grocery shopping.  No kidding at about week 7 I was so overwhelmed at the grocery store I had to leave before I broke down in tears.  🙂

I have been sticking to a pretty pure Paleo diet.  I gave up on the gluten-free rice crackers – they just made me feel crappy.  So no crackers by the bedside for me.  I did buy some organic (no antibiotics or hormones) string cheese as a quick protein snack (although I normal stay away from dairy).  I am not planning to make that a regular part of my diet though.  I track my food on “My Plate” and that may be a helpful tool for some of you.  My midwife wants to me eating 2000 calories a day!  That’s a lot of food when you eat Paleo.  I have increased my fat intake with olives, olive oils and nut oils, avocados etc.  I have also increased my healthy starches and more calorie dense veges like yams and winter squashes.  I have a Vitamix and so I do lots of smoothies and green drinks.  I eat a range of 70-100gms of protein a day.  And lots of veges!  I find that when I eat enough and I rest enough I feel really good.  Not really rocket science huh?

I am taking Designs for Health (DFH) brand supplements (for more information about DFH or if you would like to schedule a nutrition consultation with me please email me kellycouch@me.com)  I take DFH Prenatal Pro (it is really important that your vitamin has natural folate and NOT folic acid at least 800 but 1,000 is best), calcium (1,000 mg/day) and magnesium, Vit D (5,000IU/day) and pro-biotics.  I am also taking Nordic Naturals pro-DHA fish oil.  I am happy to help you sort through any questions you have about meal planning in pregnancy or supplementation.  Just post your questions below and be sure to check “notify me of follow-up comments.”  

Well, that’s it for today!  Please post a comment and let us know what types of things you have found most beneficial in the early stages of this journey!!!

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