Winter Cold Care

This post is good for any one with a cold, and my suggestions are specifically safe for pregnancy (with a few tips for dad’s to-be as well).  I am of course writing from experience since I woke up a few days ago with a scratchy throat and stuffy nose.  I don’t wanna take any meds (even though some will say that Tylenol and Robitussin are “safe” – I don’t really like to take those things normally and certainly not when pregnant) and I generally trust my body to fight of minor illnesses.  But, I have honestly not very proactive about my healing the last few days, I just felt like crap and did not have the energy to deal with trying to feel better.  And really that was just silly of me!!!  So three days later and waking up again today with a bloody nose, fun stuff 🙂  I decided to call my mid-wife and do a bit of homework on natural cold care remedies – specifically safe in pregnancy.

Here ya go ladies (and the men that love them).  I suggest that you keep a few of these things on hand through the winter cold season (guys if your girl is sick bring her a gift basket full of these things – I promise just showing her how much you love her and are here to support her will go a long way towards her healing.  Drew brought me a cold care basket at work last year, it is still one of my greatest memories!).

  1. Herbal teasPeppermint Tea is a great nasal decongestant – be sure to breathe in the warm steam as you sip.  You can also make a tea of hot water, fresh lemon and honey.  The warm steam will help open up your stuffy nose, lemon is high in vitamin C and honey soothes the throat and is a natural antimicrobial.  (When I am not pregnant I love Gypsie Cold Care tea – but stay away from it when pregnant due to the licorice.)
  2. Water, Water, Water.  I just bought this Life Factory glass water bottle and I love it.  I keep re-filling it all day and I know I need to drink at least 3 of them per day to stay hydrated in pregnancy.  I am increasing that to 4 per day with this cold!
  3. Vitamin CI like Airbourne, you could use  Emergen-C as well.  UPDATE: Airbourne has a lot of Vit A – so do not take it for more than 2-3 days when pregnant.  I do not really like Emergen-C cause it is loaded with fructose.  I decided to go with straight Vitamin C.  Caution most of the OTC products on the market are crap and corn based (don’t get me started on the corn conspiracy in the USA – do a quick google search if you want to learn more).  Get a good product from a trusted company.  I switched from Airbourne after 3 days to a Designs for Health Vitamin C powder.  I took about 1,000mg every couple of hours (decrease if you get loose stools).
  4. Warm Mist Humidifier – waking up with a nose bleed 2 days in a row was enough for me to call my hubby and ask him to pick up a humidifier on the way home.  A humidifier by the bed at night helps to keep nasal passages open and moist.  You can even add Vicks (menthol) for added support.
  5. My mid-wife suggests these essential oils (I have not tried them yet).  Thieves, Plague Defense, RC Respiratory Relief.
  6. Sinus rinse system like Neil Med also Nasal Saline Sprays (non-medicated).  Ok, the Sinus Rinse (Neti Pot) feels really weird but I gotta say it works great, I am hooked!  Just try it.
  7. Keep taking your pre-natal vitamins and be sure and eat nourishing foods.  My food aversions got even worse with this cold and I don’t have much appetite.  But I know that good nutrition is important both for baby and for my healing.  Make a big pot of chicken or tomato basil soup (or have your hubby pick some up at the store).   Add some garlic to you diet or take a garlic supplement, is is a great natural germ fighter!  If you get a good high quality product it should not cause too much odor, burping, bad taste etc.
  8. Take a warm bath.  Let the shower run for a few minutes before dipping into the tub to add some steam to the bathroom and open up sinus.  The bath will soothe sore muscles, hydrate your skin, and provide much-needed comfort – add some mineral salts or essential oils for an extra treat.  Dad’s this is a really easy thing that you could do for your wife when you get home from work – run a hot bath for her to relax in before bed as you help clean up the kitchen a bit!
  9. REST REST REST!  You should get 10-12 hours of sleep in pregnancy as it is and you will need even more rest to recover quickly from any illness.  Talk to your beloved dad to-be and ask for help around the house and with grocery shopping etc.  And at the end of the day the dishes might just have to pile up a bit.  It’s ok.

Well friends, I hope that you don’t need any of this advice during your pregnancy…. but there it is just in case.  If you have a tried and true remedy please post a comment and share it with us.  Now, I am off to take a warm bath and a nap 🙂

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  1. Great advice. I’ve got a son home from school sick. Tis the season 🙂 Btw, thanks for liking my post about marrying your best friend. Appreciate that! Mark

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