Chicken Fried “Rice” (quick and easy)

Well, when the hubby sits down for dinner, takes one bite, and says “wow babe, good job, this is great” I figure it is a blog worthy recipe  Bonus, this one is super quick and easy.

First, I boiled the chicken for about 30 minutes.  I used 2 breasts and 6 thighs (we wanted enough for left overs).

Next, I shredded and chopped my veges.  The “rice” is made from raw cauliflower.  Use your food processor with the shredder blade to shred the cauliflower (be sure to cover the top funnel or your kitchen will look like a winter wonderland – the cauliflower will spray out everywhere as it shreds 🙂  Dump the cauliflower into a large wok preheated with a few TBS oil (I used coconut oil)  and let it begin to cook as you chop the rest of your veges.  Use whatever is in your kitchen.  I used red pepper, celery, carrots, onion, and broccoli.  I simply quartered the veges and dumped them all in the food processor with the “S” blade and pulsed until they were the size I wanted – I chopped mine pretty small.  Dump it all in the wok (or large skillet) and stir fry to desired tenderness – about 20 minutes.  Meanwhile chop your chicken and add it to the wok.  I seasoned with Coconut Aminos and an Asian Seafood Seasoning (it’s just what I had in the cabinet).  Drew loaded his up with Sriracha Sauce as well.

That’s it. Super easy.  Enjoy.

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