Pregnancy Update: Final Weeks and new supplements

Andrew and I are in our last weeks of pregnancy now at 37 weeks our baby girl will be here any day now (we hope).  All along people have asked me, “are you ready” and my answer has usually been “no.”  In my mind we still had tons of stuff to do to “get ready” and we have never done this before, so how can we ever really be “ready?”  Well, my answer has changed!!!! YES I AM READY!  I am ready for her to be out of my belly and in my arms, I am ready to not have heartburn and actually be able to take a deep breath again 🙂  I suddenly don’t care if the nursery is not finished, we don’t all the “stuff” we think we need, we don’t have everything perfectly lined up for our home birth plan… it will all work out!!!  I am ready for the next phase, to have her in our arms.  I know there will be a whole set of new challenges.  But still, we are ready!

In these last weeks of pregnancy my midwife has added several new supplements.  We have also stopped the Nordic Naturals DHA in these last few weeks.  Ask your doctor/midwife what they suggest for you, and do a little research yourself on these products as desired.

Perhaps my FAVORITE product in the third trimester was PAPAYA ENZYME!!! I ate a ton of these at the slightest hint of heartburn and indigestion and they really helped.  Of all the pregnancy discomforts – heartburn was the one I whined about the most.  And, I gotta be honest, I only had about three days worth of bad symptoms – I had it pretty good!!!

All in all this pregnancy has been uneventful from a physical perspective.  I feel very blessed.  I also believe that my commitment to my health, and the health of my child, has paid off and I did not have to suffer through many of the difficult physical pregnancy woes that many woman have.  I say that to encourage my pregnant friends and blog readers, TRY PALEO, avoid lots of sugars and junk foods, stay active, rest as much as you can, take  good supplements – I recommend Designs for Health as your foundation supplement program.  Check out my Pregnancy Resource post for more great tips as well.

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One Response to Pregnancy Update: Final Weeks and new supplements

  1. Dream Tour Team says:

    You look SOOOOO wonderful. WOW. You are one of those moms who really does glow. I can’t wait!

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