DIY Entertainment Center and Baby Dresser (and an amazing husband)

This was my first experience with Anne Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP).  All in all I think that the paint is very unique and can offer some really creative options.  However, it did take me several tries waxing and buffing the finish the get it even close to something that we were imagining.  Lori, at Robyn Story Designs was so helpful.  I ordered my paint from them and they shipped it here within a few days, and she chatted with my by phone and email several times to help me get the look I wanted.

Here is the finished Entertainment Center – our first ASCP project!!!

It started as an old sink/vanity.  Andrew (my amazing husband) took out the sink and created a solid wood surface.

Sorry, my pictures are not so great.  But basically we did a base coat of Arles.  I made a mistake and did a “light” coat – don’t do this.  Do a normal coat so that there is something to distress down to.  Then we did a second coat of Emperor’s Silk – a beautiful very bold primary red.  We did a lot of distressing.  And then finished off with clear wax and then a pretty heavy coat of dark wax!  <to be honest, waxing was a big struggle for me.  I must have done it and re-done it several times before getting something I liked.  In the end we brought the piece inside and waxed in away from the Texas humidity thinking maybe the wax just did not cure right in the garage, I do think this make a big difference.  The nice thing about ASCP is that it is very forgiving, you can just start over repaint, wipe off wax with mineral spirits, paint on top of wax, whatever!>> 

Our next project was a baby dresser (our first child is due June 26th and nesting is in full swing around here)!!!

Here is the before and after!!!  This project went much smoother for us 🙂

I am getting better with the ASCP for sure.  First a coat of Old White.  Then I did the borders with Arles.  And in the insets I did a wash with Arles (dipped brush in Arles, then in water, and applied in a circular motion to create some texture).  For the drawers I did an Arles wash as well (dip brush in Arles then water) but with normal side to side brush strokes.  We brought the dresser inside and applied clear wax, then buffed about 8 hrs later (we got a nice finish this time on the first try!)

Finally, we added some pink crystal pulls and a few wooden Dragon Fly’s that my sister in law made for our baby shower (thanks Auntie Gena!)

And like I have said before, I have an amazing husband who has been so helpful, and patient with my crazy nesting instincts this week (including a long list of honey-dos)!!!  He even brought home 4 different color bouquets of Daisies the other day… I have them all over my house and I LOVE them, and him so much! 

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