ridiculously good chocolate cake

Mykah seems to have a dairy sensitivity and that means no dairy for mommy.  Often in dairy sensitive babies a breastfeeding mom must avoid ALL CASEIN (a milk protein).  That means butter too.  And oh my gosh even chocolate, ahhhh!  I will save the raw milk and beta casein a1 vs a2 debate for another post.

BUT there is hope!  Check out this post from HEALTHY INDULGENCE for this amazing chocolate cake!  I used the recipe to make cupcakes.  I also substituted Spectrum Naturals Organic Shortening for butter in the icing.  For an even healthier treat get raw beans instead of canned and soak them overnight and then cook them in a crock-pot.  Scroll to the bottom of the page in the link below for a ton of cool variations.  YUMMY!!!  Just trust me!  BAKE SOME TODAY!

Here is the recipe I used…


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