First Foods. Egg and Liver. Yum!

My blog writing time is super limited right now!  But, I have had several conversations lately with other moms about what we will feed Mykah etc and so I wanted to write a quick post and provide some resources that have been helpful to us.  This will be a ruff outline, but I hope it is helpful to some of our readers!

Q: When will you start Mykah on cereal?

A: Never.  Haha.  Seriously, we will not give Mykah cereal.  Babies digestive tracts are still developing and they are functionally grain intolerant at this young age.  At 4 months we started her on egg yolks.  She LOVES them.  We give only eggs from truly pastured farm raised hens. We get ours at Urban Harvest Co-op Saturday mornings or YonderWay Farm (they have pick up locations every 2 weeks all over Houston).

HOW TO PREP EGG YOLKS FOR BABY:  Boil a whole egg for 4 minutes.  Crack open the shell in the middle and split egg in half, the yolk will be runny.  Pour the yolk into a glass bowl (be sure to remove any white – the white is what babies can be sensitive to at this young age).  Add a pinch of sea salt.  We also add chicken liver.  YEP.  LIVER!  Feed with a spoon.  ***When first giving egg yolk start with just a taste… or be prepared for massive spit up!  Yes, I found this out the hard way.  Gradually work up to a full yolk over a week or two.

Q: Seriously, you feed Mykah liver, raw liver?

A: Sounds gross I know.  But, liver is loaded with iron, b12 and folate and is the traditional first food for babies in many cultures around the world.  It’s a WAY better way for baby to get those nutrients than iron fortified cereal.  We get chicken liver from YonderWay Farm for about $3.00.  Freeze liver for 14 days and then give to baby raw.  We grate it up (with this type of grater) and add a little to her egg yolk – working our way up to a tsp a day.  If you feel more comfortable you can sauté the liver in a bit of coconut oil (coconut oil is great for babies brain development).

Q:  Will you make your own baby food?

A:  Yes and No.  Yes, she will eat what we eat and we will use the VitaMix to make some baby foods.  But, we are going to give Baby Led Weaning a try.  The concept is that when baby is developmentally ready to eat you skip the mush puree baby foods and give baby real food that they feed themselves from the start (within some guidelines – sorry grandpa – still no ice cream just yet 🙂  I have several friends that are fighting their toddlers over eating solids – all they want is the mush!  Hopefully, this will prevent that battle.  Although, we know there will be another battle in it’s place.  But there are tons of other benefits to this style of introducing solids as well.  For baby to self feed she must be able to pincher grasp, and Mykah is not there just yet.  For now I am giving her the egg yolk mix with a spoon, or my finger.  But, as soon as she can grab food and get it to her mouth we will let her have at it.

Q: What food are you going to start with?

A: We let her taste a little avocado this week, she loved it… super cute video I will post soon.  Made the big “mmmmm” face!  I ordered a mesh bag and I will put avocado in that until she is able to grab the slippery fruit herself.  Then probably banana, then sweet potato (baked and cut in strips).  We will intro one new food every 4 days and follow the plan in Super Nutrition for Babies – great book.

Finally – I read a great quote in “What’s Eating Your Child” – food for thought 🙂

The scenario of a diet gone bad starts at age 2 when a sleep-starved mother hands her red faced screaming toddler a cracker or cookie just so he will shut up…  But these little crackers and cookie are like toddler crack…  But aren’t all toddlers picky…  No they are not.  If you give them only good food you want them to eat, they will eat good food.  However, once sweet and salty foods are introduced and the child is at an age where he can assume some control over what he puts in his mouth, a bad habit develops.  Things go downhill from there.  The two year old under the chemical influence of  highly flavored foods and heady with newfound personal power, self-selects his own diet from there.  Radical Solution:  Don’t have anything in the house you don’t want your child to eat!!!


First Food: How to make egg yolk for baby

Nourishing a Growing Baby – Westin A Price

Baby Led Weaning – The Book

**** Ok your turn… post a comment about your baby food adventures.



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