pet kombucha

I went to visit my friend Ruth’s this week, and came home with a baby SCOBY!  That is step one in making Kombucha – medicinal tea which provides beneficial probiotics and helps cleans and detoxify the liver.  And seriously, it’s just plain fun to make.  Weird cult like kinda fun!!!

SCOBY – Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast… looks like a jellyfish.

I don’t have a lot of time to write this so here is the quick and dirty version.

Kombucha ingredients

You will need 4 Organic Tea bags (most people use black, some use green) and 1 cup sugar per gallon of filtered water.

Kombucha tea brewing

Boil the water.  Add sugar to dissolve.  Turn off heat and allow tea to brew and water to COMPLETELY cool.  I let mine sit all day.  Ruth has hers sit overnight.

Tea and Scoby hotel

Remove tea bags.  Pour tea into your containers.  We got these last year at a thrift store for about $1 each.  Add your SCOBY.


Cover loosely.  I cut a cloth diaper/burp cloth in half and secured with rubber band.

Kombucha hideout

Tuck them away in warm dark place!  Wait 7-10 days….  I will update you on part two in about a week 🙂  If you want more info now check out Kimberly Vogel’s site!!!


Thanks Ruth!!!

*** Pet Kombucha picture came from HERE.

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2 Responses to Kombucha!!!

  1. Good luck with your Kombucha! I want to hear how it turns out! That reminds… today is my brew day!

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