Natural Health Steps Clinic @ Texas Rock Gym – Resource Guide

What a great class tonight.  Thanks so much to everyone who came and participated.  There were LOTS of amazing questions.  I will post a few follow up blogs to cover a few of the topics that we did not have time for tonight.  As promised here is a resource guide for you guys.  Read through to the end of this post for a special offer.

As I said in my disclaimer tonight – The Natural Health Steps class is FREE, but I do need to keep the lights on at home 🙂  So here are some products that I sell.  I would love to be your go-to-girl for all things natural.  Contact me anytime!

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doTERRA Essential Oils –

  • Deep Blue Rub – perfect for those post Rock Hard/Cross-Fit sore muscles
  • On Guard – effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support, supports healthy immune function
  • Lemmon – So many uses, love it for all my Natural Household Cleaners
  • Peppermint – My go to for headaches.  Also a great energy pick me up.
  • Lavender – So nice to diffuse at night for sleep.
  • Not sure what oils to start with?  Consider the Family Physician or Home Essentials kit.  Get a great selection of oils  to replace many of the toxic medications, cleaning and beauty products in your home! Contact me to order
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