DIY ALL Natural Coconut Milk – and a GREAT BULK ORDER PRICE for Coconut.

Mykah is 15 months old and although we are still nursing a few times a day we have now transitioned her from the goat’s milk formula to home-made Coconut Milk.  It is SUPER easy to make.   SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR A GROUP BUY OFFER FROM MAMAS GONE CRUNCHY!!!

The basic ratio is 2:1 water to shredded coconut.

I fill my Vitamix with 6 cups of water (I use the measuring lines on the Vitamix itself)  Sometimes I will pour a tea pot full of the water out to heat on the stove and then add back to the vitamix (this speeds up the soaking process a bit).

Add 3 cups shredded coconut flakes to the Vitamix (or blender) and let it sit for 1-2 hours. (DO NOT forget about it and leave it sitting on the counter all night – the milk will be super sour when you make it in the morning and you will have to toss the whole batch!!!)

Next blend on high for about 3 minutes.  The milk will be warm to touch so let it cool for a few minutes.

Pour about half the milk into a nut bag over a bowl and use your fingers to press the bag as the milk flows into the bowl.  You will have to press for a few minutes to get all the milk out.  You should be left with nothing but coconut flour like solid in the bag.  You can toss this, or dehydrate it for coconut flour!  Repeat with the remainder of the milk.

Next I place a wide mouth metal funnel over a mason jar with a double layer of cheese cloth and pour the milk into the jar!

That’s it.  You can add vanilla or stevia.  But we like it naked.  The cream will separate and solidify on the fridge, just shake well.  If you are using a baby bottle leave the milk on the counter in the bottle during bath and story time so that the cream will soften and not clog the nipple opening – it will be ready to drink by bedtime.

Most of the Coconut Milk in the carton is loaded with preservatives, carrageenan, and sugars.  I know, the carton is cheaper!!!  Or is it?????????

Special group buy offer Organic Shredded Coconut $11.94 per 5 pound bag.  That’s about 15 cents per ounce – half the cost compared to Bob’s Red Mill at 31 cents per ounce on Amazon Prime!   That’s about $3.60 per batch with the above recipe!


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