When my 2 year old gets a fever…

Nobody is happy in the Couch home today. It looks like Mykah has the winter time yuk. And Zoe has a sad cough and runny nose following in her sisters footsteps.

As most of you know we use and love  essential oils. For the most part I feel like they do a wonderful job to keep my family healthy. But it’s not to say that we never get under the weather. Like today. But I’m so thankful that when we do get down we can also use  essential oils to help support and strengthen the body, keep the issue short-lived, and not have to turn to more synthetic options for immune support.

Here is what I do for fever. Peppermint oil!  For all methods described below, dilute in about 1 TBS of carrier oil and test first on yourself and then on a small area on the child like the heel of the foot to evaluate any skin sensitivity. Peppermint can have a tingling or burning sensation at full strength or on sensitive skin.

1. Put a drop of a certified pure or therapeutic grade peppermint in your hand with some fractionated coconut or other carrier oil and massage to chest and back.

2. Put one drop of each peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender into a small glass bowl with warm water and a washcloth. Sponge child down in tepid bath for 15 to 20 minutes or as tolerated. Can also place the washcloth under the child shirt when they fall asleep on your lap. Make sure you have the remote control handy you may be there a while. May as well take the opportunity to watch some of a good movie, a rare occurrence in the life of a mom! We watched The Giver the other night, a good choice.

3. Make a 10 ml roller bottle with 1-5  (depending on age of child and skin sensitivity) drops of peppermint you could add lavender if desired for calming and fill with fractionated coconut oil. Simply roll onto the chest and back.

For all of these options the key is frequency. With essential oils you don’t necessarily need to use a larger quantity. You just want to use more frequently. Apply by the chosen method every 15 minutes or so until the fever is down. Then use every 1 to 2 hours to keep the fever down and keep the child more comfortable.

Often people ask at what point should they be concerned or call the pediatrician. I’m going to have to leave that mostly to your mommy intuition. Always pray and be led by the Lord. My personal opinion is this. Fever is just the body’s way of fighting off some kind of infection or dealing with some kind of stress. I don’t typically even worry about a fever until it gets over 102 or the child appears to be uncomfortable. Between about 102 and 104 I will use peppermint!!!! Over 104 and/or not coming down w/ above methods, or if your child seems very ill and always if you have any mommy (or daddy) concerns give your pedi a call. ***Any temp above 100.4 in a baby under 31 days needs to be seen by your pediatrician!

Mykah has only had one episode of a high fever and her entire life. Last year she had a temperature of a little over 104. After 20 minutes of the peppermint sponge bath and some of the other methods listed above her temperature was down to 101.6. As mentioned above I kept applying the peppermint oil frequently over the next 24 hours. Her fever did not return.

Did you know that acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, has been shown to potentially increase the risk of asthma in children.

I am really glad that God has put the power and purity of the essential oils into his creation.

*** Please follow this methods only with Certified Pure or Therapeutic Grade Oils (and NOT your HEB or Health Food store variety).

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