After searching and searching for truly raw almonds, I decided to just create my own annual group buy bulk co-op!!!!!  Did you know that most of the almonds you buy in stores, even Whole Foods, are pasteurized – it’s law in California if you sell to retail stores!  You can get truly raw almonds imported from Spain for about $15 or more a pound.  We eat way to many almonds to afford that!  Mamas Gone Crunchy is partnering with Robyn Openshaw – another crunchy mama who has a large Health Coaching business in Utah and has connections directly with farmers to get great organic products in bulk.  And she is allowing us to piggy back onto her order!!!   Be sure to LIKE Mamas Gone Crunchy for yummy recipes for all of these items coming soon!

Here is this year’s shopping list!

Raw Walnuts 5 lb. $48.75
Organic EVO 1 gal $37.64
Organic EV Coconut Oil 1 gal $60.45
Raw Organic Agave 1 gal $42.25
Raw Almonds 5 lb. $29.25
Raw Sunflower Seeds 5 lb. $14.95
Raw Pumpkin Seeds 5.5 lb. $31.14
Raw Cashew Pieces 5 lb. $29.84
Raw Sesame Seeds 5 lb. $17.55
Raw Flax Seeds 5 lb. $14.24
Raw Date Pieces (Rolled in oat flower) 5 lb. $14.95
Organic Shredded Coconut 5 lb. $12.94
Raw Organic Honey 5 lb. $22.04
Organic Coconut Sugar 5 lb. $31.14

We purchased several of these products last year and were very very happy with the items, so much that we decided to offer them to all of you this year!!!  My husband just spent an hour comparing prices on Amazon and everything on the list is cheaper, some things like Shredded Coconut and Raw Almonds are 50% cheaper!!!  And remember these are truly RAW un-pasterized almonds!!!  Don’t eat dead food 🙂

PLUS as a special offer for participating in Mamas Gone Crunchy’s group order this year FOLLOW this blog and LIKE us on FB and you will receive a 5ml bottle of doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil!!! (Offer excludes current doTERRA IPC’s)

  • Diffuse to help uplift mood and energy levels.
  • Use in a moisturizing and exfoliating sugar scrub.
  • Use in your favorite food dishes! Wild Orange is excellent in protein shakes, chocolate chip cookies, smoothies, and much more.
  • Use in an all-purpose spray to help clean your counters.

Ok – ready to order?

1.  Email your order to use the subject line – “group order”

  • Tell me how you heard about the group order.  What specific FB group?  Friend?  Other?
  • If you want the Wild Orange let me know that you FOLLOW this blog and LIKE Mamas Gone Crunchy on FB

2.  Send payment via PayPal to (please add 2.9% +.30) – paypal preferred!!!

3.  To pay by personal check please state “personal check payment” in your email order and I will send you the payment address.  Please allow sufficient time for snail mail and for the check to clear the bank.

4.  ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE ORDER DEADLINES BELOW!!!  Please calculate your totals carefully, I am not sure I will have time to double check every order.

Order Deadlines:

  • First Round – October 20th (will begin shipping Nov 4th – please allow 2-3 weeks from this date for pick up)
  • Round Two – November 20th (will begin shipping Dec 2nd – please allow 3-4 weeks from this date for pick up.  If you need your items before Christmas please place a “First Round” order. *** Update – We will only be doing one order this year.  Please order by October 20th.
  • Some items, like almonds, may sell out early…

***Orders (and play-dates 🙂 will be available for pick up in Katy, Texas.  We can possibly arrange other group pick up locations if there is sufficient need.

***Share this offer with your friends, we must reach a minimum order to participate in the group buy.  In the event that the minimum is not reached all orders will be cancelled and all money refunded immediately.

FAQ – answers from the supplier:

Q:  Which items are organic?

A: Agave, Coconut Oil, Flaxseed, Sunflower Seeds, Shredded Coconut, and Coconut Sugar are organic. The honey isn’t certified organic because bees can range for several miles (possibly going into areas with sprayed plants) but the beekeeper does not use any chemicals on his property.

Q: Are the almonds organic?

A: No. Some of the items in the group buy are organic (they are identified as such). A note about non-organic almonds: keep in mind that as tree nuts, they are shelled after any spraying, and some of the almond growers we use do not spray at all.  I feel that it’s important to try to obtain “dirty dozen” produce ‘certified organic’ whenever possible, and that we should wash other organic produce well.  But since almonds are shelled afterward, and since we soak them to sprout them, I don’t feel the price difference for organic almonds is worth it for people on a budget who have to choose which things to buy organic, and which to buy conventional.

Q: Is the organic shredded coconut preserved?

A: No, it is sulfite free!

Q: What containers are the olive oil gallons in? Is the oil cold pressed, first pressing?

A: Plastic jugs. I am told they will keep 15 years or more, but to be safe, I would suggest that you plan to rotate it within 5 years.  It is first-pressing, expeller-grade, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil. Gold-green to rich green color.

Q: How long does coconut oil last?

A: Coconut oil is highly stable relative to other oils. Many estimates are 3-5 years, but if you aren’t keeping it in cold storage, plan on 2 years in the pantry. My coconut oil in cold storage (not heated in the winter, in the basement) is four years old and still tastes wonderful, no rancidity.

Q: Is it legal to buy unpasteurized almonds?GSG Almond Buyer Chart

A: California law allows a rancher to sell no more than 100 lbs. per person per day directly from the farm. We are facilitating that opportunity with this group buy. If you wish to buy almonds, you must provide a customer name for each 100 lbs. or portion thereof.

Almond growers are very unhappy with this 2007 law, which incurs cost for them, and they sued the government, but lost. (Keep in mind that the law does not prevent you from buying—it puts restrictions on ranchers for selling.) Draconian government tactics to fumigate, irradiate, and pasteurize our food supply will continue to be an issue and will protect us from few if any health “risks,” since raw plant food is our insurance against disease.  Pasteurizing and irradiating will serve only to destroy enzymes, the life-giving force in raw food, and consequently damage the public health. The almonds in this group buy are frozen instead of fumigated, and are completely unpasteurized.

Q:  How long do almonds keep, and how should I store them?

A: These almonds are coming right off the tree in October and will therefore be VERY fresh. Because almonds harvest only once a year, whenever and wherever you buy them throughout the year, they will be from this same fall crop. (The other Group Buy items are very fresh as well.)  They should keep 9-12 months in the pantry, but if you would like to store them longer than that, plan on them keeping in tightly sealed bags or jars in the fridge for 18-24 months, and indefinitely in the freezer.  They will still germinate (sprout and unlock enzyme potential after soaking) after freezing with very little loss of nutrition.

Bulk Order Recipes (more coming so check back soon) –

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Flax Apricot Teething Cookies

Flax Apricot teething cookies


I just made these for Mykah, my 14 month old daughter, and she loves them!  They are firm but soft enough for her to gnaw on which may feel good on her gums and they take her a few minutes so it’s a great “entertainment snack” as well.

  • 2 cups flax seeds, ground
  • 1 cup dried apricots, soaked (preferably organic no added sugar)
  • 1 cup coconut water


Combine all ingredients in a food processor using the s-blade.  From here I experimented with a few cooking methods.  You can just form batter into small THIN cookies and bake at 350 for about 30-40 minutes.  For a healthier “raw” food version dehydrate the cookies at 145 for 2 hours then 115 for 4-6 hours.  Be sure and keep the cookies small and thin.  You can also spread them thin using to two pieces of parchment paper (they will stick a little so you will have to work with them) and then score them to make little crackers?  I liked the consistency of the dehydrated version the best.

Enjoy!  What’s your favorite raw/live food snack for kids???

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Thanks to everyone who came over for the doTERRA DIY Summer event!  It was so fun to hang out with you ladies today!  I hope you enjoy using your products.  Here are the recipes for ya to try at home.  DIY is totally more fun together, so join us again next month!  Be sure to post a comment and let me know what your favorite product was or what you want to make next time.   All oils can be purchased at and you can check out more classes at 

Safe Soft Scrub

Fill container 3/4 full with baking soda

1 TBS of water

Castille Soap to desired consistency (2-3 squirts)

5 drops EO of choice (Wild Orange, Peppermint, Lemon)


Bug Off – Insect Repellant

Fill glass bottle with water

Pinch of salt

10 drops Terrashield 


Energizing Facial Scrub

Fill baby food jar with sugar

3 Wild Orange 


Summer Heat Cooling Spray

Fill glass bottle with water

Pinch of salt

5 drops Peppermint 


Hand Sanitizer 

Fill glass bottle with water

Pinch of salt

5 drops On Guard


Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray

Fill glass bottle with water

Pinch of salt

5 drops Lavender


All-Purpose Cleaner

Fill plastic spray bottle 3/4 water

1/4 white vinegar

5 drops Lemon


Hand/Dish Foaming Soap

Fill pump bottle 3/4 with water

1/4 Castille Soap

5 drops EO of choice (Lemon & Basil, On Guard, Lavender) 

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Mykah’s Vege Meatballs



Lately Mykah only wants to eat meat… she throws every thing else off her tray.  Fun times.  Ok little one, no problem.  Enter vege meatballs to the game.  Just get some ground chicken or grass-fed beef or turkey.  Use your trusty food processor to shred some veges.  We used squash, zucchini, carrots, and swiss chard.  Make it about 1/2 vege and 1/2 meatballs (or whatever proportion works for you, next time I may do even more veges).   Roll it all together in small balls and bake in the oven or toaster oven on 400 for about 25 minutes.  

She took her first bite and kinda looked at me funny, like “mommy are you tricking me”  to which I did the proverbial “mmmm, yummy Mykah” and she ate it all up.  YAY!!!  

I am told Jessica Seinfeld wrote a great book, “Deceptively Delicious” with other great sneaky vege tips… I may put it on my list!  

Post a comment here and let me know your little ones favorite meals and sneaky mommy tricks! 

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EO no-itch salve!

I just made this DIY skin salve! I have some weird ITCHY rash with a few blisters on my hand. No idea what it’s from. Within minutes of applying this DIY Calamine Lotion it feels SO much better! It dries over 10 min or so and forms a nice clay coating that both soothes the skin and provides a barrier to my constant scratching!

1 TBS bentonite clay
1 TBS baking soda
1 TBS sea salt
4 drops each Lavender, Melaluca, Roman Chamomile, and Geranium Essential Oils (
Add enough water to form a paste. Store in glass jar. Only use glass and wooden utensils with bentonite clay, it absorbs metals etc!

See my DIY toothpaste post last week for more uses for Bentonite Clay! I love this stuff.


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DIY Face Cleanser and Scrub

I have this weird breakout on my forehead today and it just makes me feel gross!  I have been wanting to make a few DIY Skin Care products for a while now.  Well, since my amazing hubby is putting the little one to bed I just went for it.  Seriously these took me less than 5 minutes to make!  So worth it.  My skin feels awesome right now.

Face Cleanser:

  • 1 oz vege-based glycerin
  • 1 oz liquid Castille soap
  • 1 oz filtered water
  • 1/2 oz witch hazel
  • 1-2 drops Essential Oil of choice (I used Lavender, Lemon, and Frankincense)

Mix it all up!  I put mine in a foaming hand pump.  I love it!

Sugar Scrub:  So easy. 

I just poured some granulated sugar into a jar, added 5 drops Wild Orange Oil.  Put the lid on and shook it all up.  Then poured a bit of the sugar in my hand, added a few drops of water.  Perfect face scrub.  My face feels SO smooth.  Yay.

For more information about doTERRA Essential Oils visit or give me a call!!!

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