Hey friend.. I am so glad that you are here at “Mamas Gone Crunchy.”  It means that you are taking steps towards natural health and I want to support you in the journey!  Please use this page to post your questions and I will answer them here so that others will benefit as well.  Be sure to select to receive follow up comments by email so that you will know when I have answered your question!  Browse the Q&A’s below as well as the comments from individual posts,  you just may find an answer to your question, or you may learn something new 🙂

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  1. kellycouch says:

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  2. Terri Ryan says:

    Hey Kelly,
    No question too silly, right? I am thinking the Rice Milk I have grown to love (in place of cow milk) is going to be counted as a carb in my total intake for the day….please clarify. Feeling better already (4 weeks), but still in major transition to healthier eating!

    • kellycouch says:

      Ah, milk, it does the body good… right? Maybe, maybe not. First, tell me why you switched to rice milk? Then, let’s talk about rice milk. Yes, it is a carb. Go back to my post on the glycemic index. Rice (thus rice milk) will be higher GI. Then read the post on grains (rice being in the grain family). Not the best choice. We use unsweetened almond milk, hemp milk, and coconut milk. We rotate the three. Food rotation is important as you master this nutrition thing. We need food variety. And we want to rotate foods to decrease the chance of food sensitivities and auto-immune reactions developing from eating the same food every day. And, FYI, if you are going to drink cows milk, get organic RAW milk. check out http://www.yonderwayfarm.com Next, what are you using the rice milk for? Cause if you tell me it is to put on your breakfast cereal grains, we have a whole other issue to discuss… eliminating grains from your diet 🙂
      You are doing GREAT!!!! Hang in there, it is a process, enjoy the journey! But don’t turn back!!!

      • Terri Ryan says:

        Switched from cow to rice milk b/c of fat content! Tried unsweet almond and coconut already. Can try those again and will also get some hemp milk. Anyhow, thanks again for your encouragement. Rotating milk makes sense. No, I am not putting the rice milk on a bowl of cereal…. : ) I am sleeping better, have more daytime energy, don’t have sweet cravings as often and weigh three pounds less so far. Not turning back. Definitely a process. Thanks.

        • kellycouch says:

          Hey, so tell me a little more about the concern about the “fat content” in milk? I suspect it is because you are a victim of the low fat revolution of the 80’s… however, low fat dieting is based on poor science and manipulative marketing… it benefits no one but the “snack-wells corporation”.

          Here are some great resources.
          WellnessMamma.com – Dairy, is it healthy?
          Mark’s Daily Apple – Definitive guide to fats
          Robb Wolf – The Big FAT post.

          • Terri Ryan says:

            snack-wells! ha ha…I haven’t thought of those things in years. but you are probably right about the generation’s mis-information. it was the best we had back then i suppose. i remember in the 70’s pediatricians putting 2 week old babies on cereal then at 4 weeks orange juice : ( so wrong! i will read the resources over the weekend. thanks. btw, when i drink regular milk i prefer whole milk. and i really like horizon organic. tell me about that brand if getting raw milk is not an option for me right now….

            • kellycouch says:

              I am still doing some homework on “raw milk”… we just bought a gallon from Yonder Way Farms cause Andrew really wanted to try it… that is where we get our grass-fed meats, eggs, chicken etc. http://www.yonderwayfarms.com I am pretty sure they have a weekly delivery in Katy. For the most part it is the pasteurization that is a big concern in milk, so even organic Horizon brand is ultra-pastrurized and therefor not in it’s natural form and the proteins when they are heated are denatured significantly. Although at least the organic does not have all the antibiotics and hormones. I am still doing some homework on this, so I will be getting back to you soon!

  3. kellycouch says:

    Here is my reply to a friend who is struggling to go Paleo with a budget and 2 young boys…
    “Hey girl, I only have a minute but here is a quick reply!
    I am 100% confident in the Paleo and Grain-free diet. We have seen great changes in our health. But it has taken time to adjust for sure. And some things I am still learning as well. I have actually stopped using Pamela’s etc and we are going pretty pure, back to nature. Whole fruits and veges, organic when we can, vege wash when we can’t. We found a great co-op and that helps w pricing. We order grass fed beef and free range chicken and eggs from another co-op. I have learned to keep meals simple. 2 veges, a salad, protein. I dont even go to a grocery store much anymore. I dont use many recipes. I am learning to actually cook – I look at what is in the co-op box and use it. Almost nothing goes to waste. We have a left-over day every Sunday as well. I have found a few “cheap” go to meals as well. About every week I throw a chicken in the crockpot with onions, carrots, celery, etc. I also make ground beef or turkey with tomatoes, zucchini, onion, cumin etc and use it for lettuce wraps. (I posted a blog on that one already) I will take a look at what veges we have left towards the end of the week and make a quiche or a stir fry. I dont buy anything in cans or packages much at all. I order almonds in bulk on amazon, still looking for a better source for bulk nuts in general. I do order almond and coconut flour and make occasional “treats” with that. We use amazon prime, so free shipping, so worth the $75 or so a year.
    I am hoping to find more time to post on the blog… lot’s of people struggle with what you are describing at first. It can be done, even with kids! Here is a great site http://www.wellnessmama.com and http://www.paleoparents.com – they have a blog on how they are being more frugal to be able to eat healthy! Check it out.”

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