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Pregnancy Resources

We are now beginning our third trimester of pregnancy.  I have a mix of feelings between “oh my gosh it has gone by so fast” to “oh my gosh when is she gonna be here.”  Here are a few resources … Continue reading

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Winter Cold Care

This post is good for any one with a cold, and my suggestions are specifically safe for pregnancy (with a few tips for dad’s to-be as well).  I am of course writing from experience since I woke up a few … Continue reading

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11 week pregnancy update – more energy, the final supplement list, buying baby things!!

Andrew and I went to Babies r Us the other day.  At the advice of a friend we went to buy a few baby things to have around the house just as little reminders (as if the constant nausea was not … Continue reading

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Grass-Fed Beef “Spaghetti”

The other day I made an AMAZING Thai Coconut Soup (Gena you gotta try this, you are gonna love it)!!!  It was so so good, and exactly what I (and apparently baby) wanted.  Last night I made an Asian Chicken Salad … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Update: 8 weeks, home birth plan, still nauseous!

Well, I don’t know if it’s a baby bump or just this 2,000cal diet my midwife has me on… but something is starting to happen in my mid-section.  It is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be … Continue reading

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DIY Beauty Mask

Well, this post is for sure for the ladies, sorry guys.  Although, my husband did say he wanted to lick my face when I sent him this picture!!!  And guys, if you really wanna score points, mix up this mask … Continue reading

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