Nesting and DIY Furniture

Well, I guess my nesting instinct is in full swing.  That or my OCD tendencies, hard to tell which one, but I am gonna go with nesting 🙂  We are just 6 weeks away from our baby girl’s due date!!!

Drew and I have been trying out some new DIY furniture re-do techniques.  First let me say there are girls a LOT more crafty than me and I have spent a lot of time searching their sites for ideas (I will list a few resources later in this post).  But here are the first two projects my hubby and I tackled together.

I can’t believe I don’t have a before of this one, argh.  BUT imagine an old-school dark wood four post bed.  That is what this used to be.  We primed with Kilz, then 2 coats of Krylon in Ivory and finally applied a glaze that we tinted with some gray we had left over from our bedroom walls.  And suddenly this frumpy old bed was transformed into a shabby chic beauty!  I love it!  Now if I could just find bedding/comforter that I like 🙂  I will post a pic of the bedroom for full effect once we finish decorating!  Update: I’m not the best photographer, but that’s the finished product!

Next – and this was so FUN!  We made a coffee table out of an old farm door Drew picked up at the hunting lease. He cut down the door a bit to make the table a good size for our living room.  He added some great legs with carved detail that really took up the glaze for a neat look.  Then we sanded the old paint that was chipping off, but stopped there and left lots of lines and texture, we wanted an old rustic look.  Primed with Kilz, Spray Painted with Krylon Bahama Sea, and used a brown tinted glaze!  I really LOVE how this one turned out.

Given our success on this one and how much fun it was we are selling a few custom pieces if anyone is interested, speak fast.  I think we have 2 more farm doors, so a coffee table just like this in colors you chose could be yours!!!  If not, one of the doors is about to become a headboard for our guest room 🙂  so put in your order fast!!!

Here are a few resources for ya (like I said these girls are WAY more crafty than me).

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